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My name is Megan Smith and this is my seventh year teaching Spanish in Louisville, Kentucky. I studied International Business and Spanish at Grand Valley State University in Michigan and am now finishing my master’s in Education at Northern Kentucky University. I really love my job and what I get to do in the classroom. I’m lucky to have a school who gives me freedom to try new things, a friend and mentor (Kara) who challenges me as a teacher, and other hardworking teachers who are willing to collaborate with me!  I am honored to have been the 2011 Kentucky New Teacher of the Year from the Kentucky World Language Association. In November 2013, Kara, Rachel, and I presented at ACTFL’s national conference in Orlando. How awesome!

And a big hello from me, Kara Parker! I’m the other collaborator on this blog. I’ve taught for 12 years total (6 at a private Catholic girls school, 2 at a large public school (with Megan), and 4 years at an awesome alternative school). I recently moved to Denver, CO and I am seeing what great things are happening here. I have my National Board Certification in World Languages. <whew!> I’m excited to share on this site. :)

Hopefully you can take something from the ideas posted here to make your classroom better for your students and your workload a little lighter.

Here’s to sharing!

If you’d like to reach us, send us an e-card, or invite us to your school… Here’s an email both of us use! :)

87 thoughts on “Meet the Authors

  1. Jessica says:

    Love your website! Have you ever or will you consider doing a post about starting out the year? I’m curious what you ladies do to get things up and running.

  2. ashleyschiferli says:

    Is there any way to get the downloadable files of these worksheets instead of the jpeg image?

  3. Oberly says:

    Today to review Physical Descriptions we played Heads Up and the students loved it. We stayed in Target Language. Also to help them we have an English box taped to the floor for extra help.

  4. Narralakes says:

    Great site, lots of practical resources and ideas! thanks

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